Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Death, Candice Craig Chavira


You cannot hear me right now. You are sleeping. One day you will awake, but I'm not sure you will like what you see. I don't know that I will ever see you again, but I will remember you. I promise to remember your babies. I promise to pray for Joshua, Gabriella and Adriana. They will miss their mama. Your family will miss their daughter and sister. We will miss the positive energetic person we were all so happy to work with. It's not fair that you are gone, but you are. No matter what happened I know your husband will miss you. I pray the truth will come out about your husband whether bad or good. I pray people will have the courage to stand up and speak out. I hope that they will be able to put aside their own personal discomfort and remember the woman who stood tall. I'm scared of what will come out, to know that there are people out there who are capable of such horrible ugly things. I knew this already but this is way to close to home. I don't know if their is hope for your soul, but I promise to do what I can to keep hope alive for your family, especially your babies.....


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